SB-519 F Bar-Square with Weld on Hoops

SB-519 F Bar-Square with Weld on Hoops

Adjustable 91" to 116"
Breaking Strength: 410 kgs/900 lbs
Working Load Limit: 135 kgs/300 lbs
Weight: 8.6 kgs/19 lbs
Hoop Width: 22 1/2"
Hoop Lenth: 68 1/4"

NOTE: Working Load Limit is 1/3 of the breaking strength.

The SB-519 F Shoring Bar with Weld-On Hoops is made with 1 ½” square 14 gauge steel tubing. This model offers wider coverage of securing cargo in the interior van trailers. The hoop tubing is .815” round steel. For corrosion resistance, the tubing is zinc plated on the outside and zinc powder coated on the inside. A double F pin fitting is used on the lower section to prevent the shoring bar from turning. It is spring loaded for simple installation and removal. The adjustments are with a push button in 3” increments.

NOTE: When used in a vertical position, the spring end must be up to avoid bouncing out of the track. Shoring bars publicized on this page shall not be used in decking applications.